Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Have you ever wondered why it smells like mildew in your bathroom?

Or why there are mold spots starting to appear on the ceiling? The bathroom exhaust fan is the number one culprit of these problems! An exhaust fan that is not properly installed will have the following problems and consequences:

  • Improper ventilation practices – Mold growth
  • Clogged vent caps – Back draft of moisture
  • Poorly ran duct work – Build up of moisture and bacteria inside the duct, leading to mold and bacteria growth inside your home
  • Moisture build up can cause sweating on the walls leading to ruining dry wall and deterioration

Why is it important to have an exhaust fan running at full capacity?

Bathroom fans are an important part of your home’s ventilation system. They remove odors from the designated area of your home, which gets rid of soon to be harmful bacteria and improves indoor air quality. They also remove moisture which decreases the overall level of humidity. High humidity can damage building materials and can cause dangerous mold growth over time.

Before & After Fan Cleaning

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