Dryer Vent Installations

Wondering why your dryer vent clogs up with lint so fast?

Your problem may be an incorrectly installed dryer vent exhaust duct! If your vent is not installed properly it may be causing lint to build up at a certain point and even restrict your dryers air flow. If lint is backing up the vent you could very well be susceptible to a dryer fire like the photo to the right.

A proper dryer vent should be made of rigid metal as this holds its shape if bent and is least likely to sag. Flexible plastic or flexible foil don’t hold their shape and are likely to sag and trap lint. Using a heavy metal vent removes moisture from the laundry area, decreases the amount of lint buildup, and removes excess heat from your laundry area.

There are thousands of dryer fires every year caused by lint build up inside the dryer!

Properly installed dryer ducts use rigid metal duct

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